MG is a sports car and is manufactured by MG a British Manufacturer and the company was founded inMG Company Logo 1924. The company went bankrupt in 2005 when the MG Rover ceased. It has been taken over by Nanjing Automobile group which is a Chinese company. In the Mug’s lifetime there have been quite a few models which gave people an enigmatic driving experience and even made people feel that there was no other car like the MG but never did it rule the market. It had its own important part to play never the les.

The name MG comes from Morris Garages who dealt with Morris cars in Oxford, England.  The best known MG cars are the two seater coupes while the MG Company also produced some saloons which hardly had a presence in the market. The coupes did extremely well. The owner of the first MG Company was William Morris who sold the company to the Morris Group. Later on after a few years MG was absorbed by the British Motor Corporation in the year 1952 later on the British Leyland took over it. Initially before so many changes the MG used to come with the famous MG badge but after the BMC took over the badge disappeared too. Slowly the traces of MG started disappearing one after the other as it was being taken over so many times.

 The reasons were economic, internal politics, and external politics. Some great people said that politics can ruin the world and so what is a car company for that matter.  British Leyland which currently owned the MG was taken over by Rover group and so did MG go with it. This was probably good for MG. This was in 1986 and after which the British Aerospace took it over and later on BMW. The MG Rover car was introduced much later to all these changes and it was a very successful car. Then they started selling a few limited editions with the MG badge and then when the response was good the MG car company which was now called the MG Rover Group released more versions of the badge Configurationered cars.

The MG TF Car

Above - The MG TF sports car is one of Britians best selling sports cars, due its modist pricing and performance.


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