We have a treat for our great readers, deem the best looking Audi ever produced; here we have the first pictures on the new Audi R7 Spyder! Below are the pictures of this astonishing car, leaked onto the Internet a week before the vehicle was to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany this month.

Audi will most likely officially real more details regarding the R8 Spyder at the Frankfurt Motor show, however we do expe...Read More

Despite the Frankfurt Motor Show only being just six days away, pictures of Mercedes latest vehicle, the SLS have been leaked on to the Internet. Below of the first official shots of the SLS, which has taken its inspiration from the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, an iconic fifties car. This car performance wise has been designed to fill the void between the McLaren SLR and the SLS AMG, costing considerably less than the SLR, but more than the SLS AM...Read More

The Korean automotive company, who have struggled through the recession, are to make a comeback by re-creating the popular British Metro as a Hyundai. This new and exciting development will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor show in Germany this month, however Hyundai have released several pictures of the vehicle as a ‘sneak peak’ before it’s officially unveiled. The Hyundai IX-Metro is classed as a CUV (City Utility Vehicle)...Read More


Here we have the first teaser picture of the eagerly anticipated Skoda Superb Estate.  The image below is the first official teaser image of the estate and follows on from the 2008 innovative saloon model. Due to the teaser image, it’s difficult to confirm exterior details, however we know that the Superb will be available with a choice of three engine, including diesel and petrol engines, and you can also expect a 3....Read More